Festival Services




The RV helps us enhance festival experiences for our artists, and those who need a more comfortable, controlled atmosphere to perform their duties. You deserve to be at your best, but it is not always easy in the challenging environments of a festival.


In coordination with the festival organization, I can provide:

- Internal and external secure storage for gear/clothing/etc.

- A climate controlled environment, for warmer nights, and cooler days

- A comfortable bed with pillows/bedding

- An outdoor awning/shade structure with a propane fire pit and multiple lawn chairs

- Small device charging stations

- Fridge/Freezer

- A clean flush toilet, shower, & dressing room

- A space to cook/microwave one's own meals and store a minimal amount of food in a fridge/freezer

-Videogames/Chill space

-Wi-Fi (5G)

-Transportation to and from the festival

- TVs to help host small boutique workshops, or can project on to the surface of the RV for larger outdoor workshops


This service gets booked up by January/February for summer. If you, your management team, or a festival you are considering this service, reach out early. Utilities/hookups make this asset's impact that much more abundant. 

Get in touch. 7789575321